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| less than a minute read

Trade Associations urge support for the new EU-U.S. Data Privacy Framework

The trade associations believe that the executive order issued by President Biden restricting surveillance operations address all the issues the CJEU used to invalidate the Privacy Shield in the Schrems II decision. While it may, finally, stand up to scrutiny and bring certainty to data flows for organizations, it will probably take another litigation to find out.

An international cadre of business advocacy organizations cosigned a letter Tuesday sponsored by the Information Technology Industry Council requesting that European Union legislators formally ratify the commitments made between the EU and U.S. governments on data privacy, specifically in relation to the EU’s current adequacy decision process.  A total of 41 organizations from both continents wrote in support of the privacy framework’s restrictions on surveilling American citizens and providing recourse for EU citizens who believe they have been victims of unlawful surveillance. They asked for more scholastic and expert review of the regulations outlined in the framework....