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Protecting Bees: The Buzz About a New Vaccine

Bees and insects face diseases similar to humans, and American foulbrood poses a significant threat to bee colonies. Dalan Animal Health's innovative vaccine shields bees from bacterial pathogens by administering the vaccine through their diet. Not only does this bacterial vaccine combat the bacterial pathogen, but it also protects against a viral pathogen. This breakthrough not only saves bee lives but also preserves beekeepers' businesses by preventing the need to destroy infected hives. It's a significant step towards maintaining healthy bee populations and supporting the vital role bees play in our ecosystem.

Researchers at Dalan, based in Athens, Ga., designed the bee vaccine to protect against American foulbrood — a fatal disease caused by a spore-forming bacterium called Paenibacillus larvae. Adult bees don’t get sick but can spread spores in the hive, where the disease infects and kills larvae. Spores can remain viable for more than 50 years, so beekeepers with infected colonies must destroy hives by irradiating or burning them to keep the disease in check. A vaccine may save bee lives and beekeepers’ livelihoods.


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