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Major privacy and cybersecurity concerns after Twitter's chief privacy officer and head of cybersecurity flee after takeover

Twitter is once again facing privacy security concerns just after a recent departure of their head of security and chief privacy officer and chief legal officer left, while being subject to a consent decree by the FTC that requires Twitter establish and maintain a comprehensive information security program.

This occurred in addition to the $150M fine in May for already violating the consent decree once. This article continues to highlight the significant importance behind a company’s privacy security policy and how it can be implemented. The FTC will continue to be vigilant, and all companies should continue to take stock of their privacy and security policies to ensure they are following the best procedures to protect confidential information.

“We are tracking recent developments at Twitter with deep concern,” a spokesperson from the FTC said in a statement provided to TechCrunch. “No CEO or company is above the law, and companies must follow our consent decrees. Our revised consent order gives us new tools to ensure compliance, and we are prepared to use them.” Read more on what might happen at the FTC next here. “All of this is extremely dangerous for our users,” a message quoted by Newton said. “Given that the FTC can (and will!) fine Twitter BILLIONS of dollars pursuant to the FTC Consent Order, extremely detrimental to Twitter’s longevity as a platform. Our users deserve so much better than this.”