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California attorney general conducts another CCPA/CPRA compliance sweep

Following previously announced enforcement sweeps and the settlement with Sephora, the California State AG announced it is cracking down some more on violations of the CCPA/CPRA. If there was any doubts that the AG was serious about enforcing the CCPA/CPRA, this should put them to bed. While this investigative sweep seems to be focussing on mobile apps, if you collect personal information through any means and are subject to the CCPA/CPRA, time to review your privacy notice and internal policies and procedures to make sure you are offering consumers the ability to exercise all of their rights - before you get "swept up" in the next investigation. 

Ahead of Data Privacy Day, California Attorney General Rob Bonta today announced an investigative sweep, sending letters to businesses with mobile apps that fail to comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). This year’s sweep focuses on popular apps in the retail, travel, and food service industries that allegedly fail to comply with consumer opt-out requests or do not offer any mechanism for consumers who want to stop the sale of their data. The sweep also focuses on businesses that failed to process consumer requests submitted via an authorized agent, as required by the CCPA. Requests submitted by authorized agents include those sent by Permission Slip, a mobile application developed by Consumer Reports that allows consumers to send requests to opt-out and delete their personal information.


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