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Empowering technology companies to control their data in the cloud

Two critical concerns for companies that rely on cloud computing platforms to manage sensitive data are (1) how securely that data is stored and protected and (2) geography-specific regulations that apply to data management. New solutions, like those discussed in this article, are arising that can address these concerns by giving more control to companies--what OVHcloud calls "operational sovereignty."

Similarly, cloud service providers can differentiate themselves in a market dominated by the largest players by finding ways to offer these kinds of solutions in ways that are more responsive to companies' needs yet still scalable. 

Today, customers don’t get to choose. They can either opt for our data centers, or for AWS’s data centers that are located I don’t know where,” Klaba said. “Operational sovereignty doesn’t exist today because you don’t get to choose.” “Some clients have very sensitive and secret data. They want us to operate their data centers without any external connection. Now that’s a challenge,” Klaba said. “So we are refactoring our entire data center stack so that data centers can operate autonomously even if they are disconnected. Everything that is required to run a data center is inside the data center,” Klaba said. And it will eventually be open source.