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Asking Questions to Improve Innovatation

So much of the modern world is aimed at getting to a quick, reliable, and concise answer. Surrounded by data, lightening fast algorithms, and computers in our pockets, it is easy to get in the habit of spitting out answers. 

But innovation requires asking good questions. Clarifying, Elevating, Funneling, and Adjoining Questions can help us not only solve our problems in new ways, but helps enable true problem solving and collaboration. Relearning how to be curious, engaged, and dig deeper with our clients, in our projects, and with our collaborators makes us effective decision makers--and more effective innovators. 

Because expectations for decision-making have gone from “get it done soon” to “get it done now” to “it should have been done yesterday,” we tend to jump to conclusions instead of asking more questions. And the unfortunate side effect of not asking enough questions is poor decision-making. That’s why it’s imperative that we slow down and take the time to ask more — and better — questions. At best, we’ll arrive at better conclusions. At worst, we’ll avoid a lot of rework later on.


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