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Biden's State of the Union Address to call for enhanced privacy

President Biden will address privacy in his State of the Union Address on Tuesday, Feb. 7 - not only for children, but for all adults. In a press release today, the President highlights growing evidence of potential harm to children by social media and other technology platforms - particularly due to the amount of data collected by these platforms as well as the advertising directed towards children. He also highlights the need for stronger data privacy protections and transparency by big technology companies for the data they collect about all Americans, young and old. 

In both cases, he calls for bipartisan support to enact new regulations around this. With a strongly divided congress that has set other priorities, the passage of any privacy legislation seems like a stretch goal. I suspect the same issues will come up again - preemption of any state laws, including the California CPRA and CAADCA and Virginia VCDPA, and private rights of action. 

The President is calling for bipartisan support to ban targeted advertising online for children and young people and enact strong protections for their privacy, health and safety online. The President has called for imposing much stronger transparency requirements on Big Tech platforms and is calling for bipartisan support to impose strong limits on targeted advertising and the personal data that companies collect on all Americans.