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EU Commission proposes new rules for GDPR enforcement across borders.

The EU Commission is proposing new procedural rules for GDPR data protection authorities to enforce GDPR when the affected subjects are across multiple European Economic Area countries. The proposal is meant to reduce disagreements and facilitate consensus amongst the data protection authorities at the early stages of a complaint. For individuals, the new rules will clarify the information necessary to file a complaint and will also clarify their due process rights. All of this is in the hope of quicker resolution of complaints for individuals and increased legal certainty for businesses subject to the GDPR. 


Today, the Commission proposes a new law to streamline cooperation between data protection authorities (DPAs) when enforcing the General Data Protection Regulation in cross-border cases. The new regulation will set up concrete procedural rules for the authorities when applying the GDPR in cases which affect individuals located in more than one Member State.


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