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HBS Professor on AI at Work

I found this interview with Harvard Business School (HBS) professor Karim Lakhani interesting. Here are some highlights:

1. Most companies do not have a choice but to adopt AI.

2. It is imperative for leaders to understand AI and how it can affect the company's business. He likened it to how all MBA students take accounting because all business people need to understand accounting.

3. The best companies will be the ones that can understand how change becomes a skill.

4. He likened how executives understand AI to how his parents do not understand technology.

5. He suggests that generative AI will lower the cost of "cognition."

6. The point was made that verification is just as necessary with generative AI as it is when using search engines or any other tool.

7. The comment on being nice to our robots was a little strange.

The overall "take home" from the interview, I think, is that Harvard MBA students will have professors telling them that AI is an imperative in every business and that executives must take the time to find ways to best use the technology.

Just as the internet has drastically lowered the cost of information transmission, AI will lower the cost of cognition. That’s according to Harvard Business School professor Karim Lakhani, who has been studying AI and machine learning in the workplace for years. As the public comes to expect companies that deliver seamless, AI-enhanced experiences and transactions, leaders need to embrace the technology, learn to harness its potential, and develop use cases for their businesses.


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