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| 1 minute read

How AI Will Impact the 2024 Election

Reports are starting to filter out that political parties are using AI to their advantage in the upcoming election. Parties are using AI to identify donors and favorable voters. Such activity seems an appropriate use of the technology. However, at the same time, political pundits are also using AI to create unfavorable fake photos and videos of candidates.

  • The "Good" — Identifying Donors and Voters

Machine learning is being used to determine the best time to send text messages to voters to quickly identify soundbites from long videos.

AI is also being used to draft documents much faster than a human could.

Targeting potential favorable voters is also something AI does well.

  • The "Bad" — Disinformation

Unfortunately, the AI boom has come without many rules or protections on how it is used. AI bots can generate audio and make audio calls or send texts about a candidate and send the information to millions of people. That information may or may not be accurate, including the creation of audio that sounds just like a candidate.  

AI makes "deep-fake" videos seem even more realistic than before.

Social media companies seem unwilling to police content on their platforms.

Consultants are using machine learning to sweep large amounts of data — such as a person's location, income and media habits — to find patterns that drive donations or support for a candidate, and create lists ranking likely supporters.